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   I've always been the adventurous type, both in my life and in the sack. So, it only made sense that I would eventually end up in the sex industry.  I absolutely love men and the attention I receive when I take off my clothes. While in college, I began my career as an exotic dancer. At first, it was just to help pay the bills. But, once I was out of school,  I realized I had one of the most exciting jobs ever and just couldn't bring myself to quit.  
  One evening, after doing a double table dance with another girl (and molesting her as much as possible), a photographer approached and asked me if I would be interested in posing nude on the internet.  OF COURSE, I WAS!  I met him the next day and he guided me through for my very first nude modeling gig.  I was so excited over the thought of thousands on men masturbating to my erotic photos.
  My first photo shoot led to many many more.  It didn't take long before I was posing with other girls. I LOVE pussy! I couldn't wait to play with so many different hot chics and show off some of my skills on film.
  Initially, I was more than happy only working with other girls.  While the guys were nice,  they were so rough in the movies and they seemed to have abnormally large cocks.  But, when a photographer for Penthouse asked me if I would be interested in appearing in a multipage spread with Lexington Steele,  I could hardly say, "NO". Inspite of having a HUGE cock,  he was very considerate and tried not to hurt me too badly.  He felt amazing!  And...that was it...I was hooked.  It was so much fun.  And after that, I figured if I could handle Lex, I could handle anyone.  The rest is (well documented) history.

Balls Deep 
Blow Bang
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Blue Rain
The Mask
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Tryst of Fate
100% Jenna
One True Chance
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Double Airbags
Double Decker Sandwich
Julian's Seductions 
Penthouse  March 02
D-cup September 02
Playboy March 03
Nugget April 06 
Playboy TV
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Night Calls 411
Naked Basketball
Tom Green Show 


Playboy Radio

Questions every one wants answered
and a few you never even considered 
  • Height 5'4"  Weight 120lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: They change from green to gray to gold
  • Favorite Foods: I just love food...period.
  • Music: Brandi Carlisle, Pearl Jam, Lou Dawson, Killers and many many more
  • Car: Anything Hybrid
  • Films: Just saw "Once"...amazing.  "Life is Beautiful", "Boondock Saints", "28 Days Later", "Dancer in the Dark", "Kill Bill I and II"....
  • Books: As far as recently read...Ishmael, My Ishmael, Tipping Point...I read a ton of books concerning finance and real estate..nothing you would find interesting.
  • Color: Orange
  • Animal: Can't decide between dogs or tigers
  • Sexual Position: Doggie
  • Sex Act: Giving Head
  • Turn Ons: A well groomed man, a sense of adventure, a sense of humor, and a good wine cellar.
  • Turn Offs: Body Odor, Bigots, and someone who can't laugh at himself

If you have any questions that I haven't answered, send me an e-mail.  I'll do my best to either respond directly or add the information to my Bio.